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Studio 3D))) was a temporary space at the Cit茅 des Arts Montmartre in Paris where Red Social presented a series of 3 concerts.
The project existed from September 2021 to February 2022.

The stage was in the center and was a carpet that was also used as a screen to project images from above. The concert would be also filmed from above; different sets of images/videos where projected on each concert. These recordings separate the visual memory of a concert from that of its documentation, the result is not to obtain a register of the concert from the point of view of the spectator as it is usual, but rather in the place of the viewer of the video, recognizing the life that this concert may have later on the screen, without obstructing the experience of the concert-goer.
In the video the sound comes from below while the image is perceived frontally, putting in tension this relationship between audio and vision: while the displacement of the sound dislocates the viewer, the image relocates his or her correct perception.

The series of concert was later titled 鈥淪i on firm les yeux /if we close our eyes) An invitation to avoid the image, and let the sound transport you into the concert, an idea that in this visually oriented times invites to a caring and sharing experience . This transdisciplinary project addresses the problematic of “presence” and “absence” in the recording of a concert, while recognizing its new existence on the internet, to give it a kind of hybrid form.

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