Dance pieces that were created with a musical basis (except for one that was created without music) have been selected in this edition to be the basis of a new musical creation. In September 2021 we recorded the result on the roof as part of the Actualidades LIVE series.
On the occasion of the ‘Dia de muertos’ we present the result of the collaboration under the title “Danzas Blasfemas (y macabras)”. Mabe Fratti, Pablo Valero and Tonuari play for the first time together in this improvisational ensemble with the purpose of putting their different musical languages ​​in dialogue, resulting in an uncertain, intense sound in most of the concert, which however seems to end in a smooth reconciliation.  
Video/Dances by Jaime Fernandez/Lyn May, Jorge Donn/Maurice Bejart, Charles Atlas/Michael Clarke, Babette Mangolte/Trisha Brown, Klara Kiden
Red Social is a project is carried out with the support of  Sistema  de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales (FONCA).
Audio mix by Álvaro Castro
Video by Azael Arroyo and Marin Ángeles/ Edición Adriana Lara
Special thanks to the participating musicians, Dalia Wuk, Mabe Fratti, Ángela Ferrari and the Anahuacalli Museum for hosting this project for 6 months.
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